The PAS141 Standard

  • Demonstrates high treatment standards
  • Promotes quality of reuse items
  • Increases customer confidence
  • Increases business
  • Reduces illegal exports

PAS141 is the first UK standard for the re-use of unwanted or discarded electrical goods.

Its aim is to increase the reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in accordance with the objectives of the WEEE Directive.

It assures consumers that used EEE (UEEE) has been tested and prepared for reuse ensuring it is safe to use and functional. It provides confidence that products are free of protected data and backed by a warranty.

In 2008, working with the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and Regulators, the WEEE Advisory Body (WAB) set up a Reuse Task Group. Having identified the need for a standard to enhance the reuse of end-of-life / unwanted electrical and electronic equipment and assist in combating illegal exports of untested / unfit products, the development work commenced and in 2011 the final "PAS141 Reuse of used and waste electrical and electronic equipment (UEEE and WEEE) – Process management – Specification" was published.


The PAS141 Standard has 12 key steps:

  1. Process
  2. Visual Inspection
  3. Electrical Safety Test
  4. Functionality Test
  5. Data Eradication
  6. Repair
  7. Authorised Software Use – Only
  8. Traceability / Identification
  9. Reuse Label
  10. Warranty
  11. Permit


Does your company need a 'road sign' to show your clients that you have been independently assessed and meet a recognised and respected Standard?

Do you export used / second-hand electrical equipment and need to show the Environmental Agencies and your clients that your operation is legal in terms of shipment and export regulations?


Really Green Credentials Ltd has been accredited as a PAS141:2011 Certification Body, which enables us to offer independent audits to organisations involved in reuse activities looking to attain the PAS 141 Certificate. This will provide your clients (and the Regulators if you are intending to export your reuse appliances) with the confidence that your products are 'fit for purpose', as well as underscoring your environmental and often, social credentials.

To obtain a copy of the Standard, please visit the British Standards Institute (BSI)

For further information on the Standard or our certification services please contact us on 0845 621 0112 or email us at:

Certified Re-use Operators

Really Green Credentials Ltd is pleased to provide details of certified reuse operators.

This information will be updated on a regular basis with details of the newest certified companies.

The Brtitish Standards Institute (BSI), the PAS141 Scheme Administrator the PAS141 Scheme Administrator and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) are keen to hear complaints from anyone about operators who hold certification to PAS141 but are known to not meet the Standard; or who say they are certified to the Standard but are not and who are miss-using the PAS141 and UKAS trademarks and certification marks. Please see our complaints procedure for details of how we handle complaints or contact the Scheme Administrator Valpak c/o