EEE / WEEE Take-Back Collections and Recycling

Really Green Credentials works with a number of the world's leading electrical and electronic equipment producers to provide recycling services for their business customers, including:

  • Compliance with the WEEE Directive and all local and national legislation
  • Transportation from the customer to authorised and fully audited treatment and recycling facilities in the UK
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities
  • Management and control of the whole logistic and recycling chain
  • Special solutions (asset tracking; certified data destruction etc.) by arrangement
  • Certificate of Recycling and all necessary waste management documentation
  • Selected refurbishment and reuse programme for certain appliances

Request take-back services

We can provide a free recycling service for all commercial electronic equipment once it has been returned to a designated collection point. A collection service is also available to all customers (quotations provided) and subject to the volumes available at the time of collection this may be provided free of charge.

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Refurbishment and re-use programme

Where appropriate, and subject to confirmation by either the customer and/ or the EEE Producer, re-use of returned appliances may be carried out. The programme provides a qualified and fully traceable service for most IT equipment and other selective appliances (depending on type; age; market etc.). All data and copyrighted software is removed, and all appliances are tested for functionality and safety.

We apply the procedures set down in the PAS141 re-use specification and only approved re-use operators are used to provide a secure and quality-led refurbishment and testing process. Re-use can be controlled to only provide a UK resale or include overseas resale opportunities (depending on the type of equipment and market demand as well as the customer requirements).

Weee comliance graphe-Waste / WEEE treatment - the process

All end-of-life equipment collected (e-Waste/ WEEE), regardless of any additional tracking / auditing service, is treated to the same recycling standard, and under the same secure conditions.

On arrival at the ISO9001/ISO14001 certified and fully licensed treatment facility the e-Waste / WEEE is unloaded and checked against the consignment note and order information to ensure that the load corresponds with the waste expected. The appliances / components are then taken into the secure warehouse, which can only be entered via a keypad access door. Each consignment is then weighed so that the paperwork can be completed. Different types of e-Waste / WEEE are segregated and weighed separately to correspond with various category and treatment protocols.

The appliances are then treated and prepared for recycling. This process involves a number of steps including manual disassembly; mechanical separation; shredding; grinding and material segregation. Those appliances containing hazardous components (cathode ray tubes; lamps; ozone depleting substances etc.) are treated to specialist operations to ensure the safe and correct control to prevent environmental pollution.

Details and copies of environmental / waste management permits are available on request. We will provide all the necessary 'duty of care' waste transfer notes or hazardous waste consignment notes for each consignment.





Costs for logistics and special services (certified date destruction; asset tracking etc.) will be calculated individually, based on the volume of equipment available at the time of collection and location and any other applicable constraints (access etc.). Subject to the volumes available at the time of collection this may be provided free of charge.

Where the free service does not apply payment can be made via Bank transfer or Credit/Debit Card.

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